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Traverse, 1249 Woodmere Ave

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Sarah Wallstrom 10/15/20
Sooo good and very fast. Thank you.
Barbara 09/30/20
I ordered from your app this evening and I never received my order! I’ve ordered from here several times and never had a problem. Please refund my card, thank you (not happy about this)
Andrew morse 09/18/20
I didn’t get the food
Kai Rogers 09/08/20
Didn’t get the food, shop said open but it was closed... out $30 because y’all app sucks
Bridgett 07/27/20
I did not receive my can of coke for this order that was just delivered :(
Jason Long 07/16/20
Forgot mashed potatoes on order, delivered later and then forgot the gravy for the potatoes. Did not call and report the second mishap. Gravy is showing in receipt. Ugh.
Danielle Jarrad 06/13/20
Never received my drink :(
Erin Vanfossen 06/04/20
Loving the app. Just a few things. First if you put notes in on something that you want changed it does not show up to the person making the food. But your staff was on it they fixed it right away. Also if you make it a combo they do not give you the chips and drink. I figured since it asked me what i wanted it would be in the bag and did not know dltill i got back to my office. You may want to let the staff know to tell the customer to grab them. We love all of your restaurants and staff. Thanks for making a app.
Kristina Noell 06/02/20
Amazing every time
Kimberly White 05/20/20
Thank you all!! Wonderful to have this available. They did miss that I did not want tomatoes on my salad but no biggie. I did not locate any avocado in the salad as there usually is. The fountain ice tea is rancid. Problem with the lines? Not used enough and it spoils? When you had fresh brewed it was awesome! I would come by sometimes just for it. I avoid the Kitchen as I know there's nothing decent to drink.
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