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Traverse, 428 E. Front Street

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Laurie Gates 11/13/20
Thank you! Great food as always! ❤️😊
Julie Handz on Art 10/30/20
Everything delicious. Just didn’t get any sauces delivered.
Amanda Coulon 10/25/20
Great experience! Food was delivered quickly, with friendly delivery and was still hot and tasted amazing! 10/10 experience👍
Cory Kurtz 10/10/20
I didn’t get my food from this order
Anna Barrientoz 10/07/20
Great food! Fast delivery! And no issues with incorrect order which I ALWAYS get through door dash and Uber eats
Sally Roeser 10/03/20
Did not get delivered
Nicole OBrien 07/26/20
Never received onion rings , but got charged for them .
James Thomas III 06/28/20
Prompt and courteous delivery, good food, disappointed by the poutine. Granted we should have read the description, we were disappointed by the lack of sausage gravy and eggs. Even going off of the picture there was hardly any cheese at all, this was our biggest let down. Beer delivery is great, perhaps our food expectations were too great. Thank you for the food and experience.
Audrey 06/23/20
On the menu, beer is listed as a six pack. I paid for what I assumed was a six pack of labatt light and got one bottle for $7.... I definitely would not have ordered it if there was any indication it was not a six pack like the menu category said. Not sure if you’ve gotten any other feedback about that, but you might want to clarify.
Bobbi Jo Lawrence 06/11/20
Amazing! Fast and tasted perfect! So very happy you deliver now!!!! Made my day!
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